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@ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @

@ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @

@ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @    @ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @

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On each of these points, read the details at the bottom of the page, in the general conditions of sale or ask us. The attic of the castle .. the attic of the castle.

Genuine massage table or modernist rest 1940-50. Articulated, tilting and adjustable plans. Dimensions: l open plan x l x h flat: 190 x 58 x 82.5 cm l of the head plan / central seating plan / leg plan: 35/45/120 cm. Very rare articulated and adjustable massage table or rest dating 1940-50. Covered with white skai, the head and leg parts are adjustable in height, can be lifted or, for the last, placed in vertical.

In addition, the table has adjustable feet at the feet to ensure perfect stability. The wooden structure is in light ash. For the anecdote, and under cover, do not say under the coat hi! Lust comes from an old and fairly famous establishment of Parisian pleasure: the madness of love; it bears the stamped name on the return from below.

Not a hitch, not a task, not a rust. No grinding in the operation. One foot, flush with the ground, has lost one edge, and this is the only damage of time. Shipping: under double strong carton.

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The item "@ very rare massage table or rest 1940-50, articulable and adjustable @" is on sale since Thursday, April 25, 2013. It is in the category "art, antiques \ furniture, decoration of the twentieth \ art deco \ tables ". The seller is "legrenierduchateau" and is located at / in beziers.

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  1. period: art deco

@ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @    @ Very Rare Massage Table Or Rest 1940-50, Articulable And Adjustable @