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@ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @

@ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @

@ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @   @ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @

Our packaging, the safety of our packaging, our know-how know how to override the transport maltreatment! On the other hand, we consider ourselves responsible for our products until the opening of your packages! At any time, you can send us a firm offer, and go into immediate purchase! The attic of the castle. Payment in 2, 3 times ...

Check out our other items. Very rare table art adéco 1925 and its 6 chairs in the style of Eugène Prinz. Table: height x length x width: 75,5 x 130,5 x 90 cm total length with extension: 205 cm width of each extension: 39 cm chair: backrest / seat height: 82,5 / 46 cm width on the backrest / seat in front: 41 / 46,8 cm depth: 35 cm. Rare set, not separated, and in a very rare and beautiful condition that this beautiful table from the 1925-30 years in veneer of ceruse palm, with a pair of extensions of the same, and accompanied by its 6 chairs. It is a very rare set, full of the time and whose elegance and balance lines would require a signature that we have not found.

However, these furniture come from Normandy, Bayeux, a rich family whose house had been bombed during the last war, and only the entire dining room, enfilade buffet, serving furniture and this table had been able to to be saved, even though the first two are both indestructible and difficult to repair markings of piercing shrapnel. It may be, it was common at this time, that these furniture were made on orders.

The cakes of the chairs are covered with a brown skai of the worst taste, that we will be able to change if you address us the fabric of which you would like to cover them, the work could be done in our workshops for a price impossible to obtain elsewhere. The condition: the chairs are in perfect condition, like the table, they present only a very superficial scrub of white lead, effect of time. On the feet of the table, on the ground floor, two small gaps in the order of half a centimeter. Road transport france ex ped and all destinations within 8/10 days ..................................

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The item "@ very rare & important set table & his chairs art deco 1920 @" is on sale since Wednesday, February 17, 2016. It is in the category "art, antiques \ furniture, decoration of the twentieth \ art deco \ tables" The seller is "legrenierduchateau" and is located at / in beziers.

This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. type: table and chairs set
  2. subtype: meal table
  3. number of chairs: 6
  4. number of places: 10
  5. characteristic: 2 extensions
  6. material: palm veneer
  7. period: art deco
  8. shape: rectangular

@ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @   @ Very Rare & Important Table Set & His 1920 Art Deco Chairs @